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Kebreab and Ahmadi awarded for development of calculation software for dairy cattle in Vietnam

Ermias Kebreab & Abbas Ahmadi awarded “Development of ration formulation and enteric methane calculation software for dairy cattle in Vietnam” by USDA Foreign Agricultural Service.

Kebreab Co-wrote Review of Enteric Methane Migration in Ruminants of Vitro Culture Experiments

Ermias Kebreab co-author of “Design, implementation and interpretation of in vitro batch culture experiments to assess enteric methane mitigation in ruminants – a review” in Anim. Feed Sci. Technology.

Kebreab and Fadel write paper about milk yields in dairy herds for J. Dairy. Sci

Jim Fadel & Ermias Kebreab co-authors of “Effect of calving interval and parity on milk yield per feeding day in Danish commercial dairy herds” in J. Dairy. Sci. —the article was featured as an Editor’s Choice for contributions to dairy science

Kebreab and Appuhamy write paper about manure and milk output from lactating dairy cows for J. Dairy Sci

Ermias Kebreab & Ranga Appuhamy co-authors of “Prediction of phosphorus output in manure and milk by lactating dairy cows” in J. Dairy Sci

Kebreab receives funds from Biotechnology Group to work on project

Ermias Kebreab funding from Anyou Biotechnology Group (Shanghai, China) to work on a project ‘Life Cycle Analysis of Swine Production in China

Kebreab gives presentation in Mexico and Vietnam about animal agriculture

Ermias Kebreab gave invited presentation on phosphorus utilization in swine in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico for Association of South American Nutritionists and on beef ration formulation software for Vietnam at the Sustainable Animal Agriculture for Developing Countries conference in Pattaya, Thailand.

Kebreab and Van Eenennaam travel to Illinois and give talk at ADSA Discover Conference

Ermias Kebreab co-chair of the 30th ADSA Discover Conference℠ on Food Animal Agriculture in Illinois. Frank Mitloehner spoke on “Carbon footprint of dairy (greenhouse gas emissions and air quality)”; Ermias spoke on “Quantification of energy utilization in dairy cattle”; Alison Van Eenennaam spoke on  “GMO/Biotechnology use for sustainability of the dairy industry”

Anders Strathe, AV Strathe, & Ermias Kebreab co-author new paper

Anders Strathe, AV Strathe, & Ermias Kebreab co-authors on “Determination of protein and amino acid requirements of lactating sows using a population-based factorial approach” in Anim. 9:1319-1328

Kebreab visits Sao Paulo, conducts mathematical modeling course.

Ermias Kebreab conducted a short course on mathematical modeling at the State University of Sao Paulo (UNESP), Jaboticabal, Brazil