1. EQUIP: Strengthening smallholder livestock systems for the future. Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation through University of Florida (LISL)
  2. Enhancing capacity for low emissions development strategies in Vietnam – Phase 3. USDA (Foreign Agricultural Service)
  3. Prediction of methane from CA dairy industry. California Air Resources Board
  4. Life cycle analysis of dairy production in California over the last 50 years. California Dairy Research Foundation
  5. Life cycle analysis of pig production in China. Anyou Group
  6. Effect of β-mannanase on feed efficiency in lactating dairy cows. CTCBio, Korea.
  7. Development of models of genetic potential for growth, reproduction and production of eggs for prediction of amino acid requirements. FAPESP, Brazil.
  8. Feed the Future Innovation Lab for Genomics to Improve Poultry. USAID
  9. Metabolic relationships in supply of nutrients for lactating dairy cows. USDA.

Completed Projects