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Dr. Kebreab receives new grant from USDA

Ermias Kebreab received a new grant for “Mitigation of methane emission from cattle in Vietnam” from USDA Borlaug Fellowship Program.

Ermias Kebreab receives new USDA grant

Ermias Kebreab received new USDA ARS grant for “Enhancing Environmental Sustainability of Dairy Systems in the West”

Ermias Kebreab recognized at ceremony for outstanding professors

Ermias Kebreab recognized at a ceremony organized by the UC Davis Chapter of Delta Gamma sorority for outstanding professors who enrich student life in Davis

Ermias Kebreab gives two invited talks in Mexico

Ermias Kebreab gave two invited talks at the 4th National congress & the 1st International Congress of Modeling & Methodology in Applied animal Science at the Unversidad Autonoma del Estado de Mexico, Toluca, Mexico

Ermias Kebreab gives presentation in Georgia

Ermias Kebreab gave an invited presentation on environmental impact of specialty feed ingredients at the International Production &  Processing Expo in Atlanta, Georgia

Ermias Kebreab participates in Dairy NRC committee meeting

Ermias Kebreab Participated in the first meeting of the Dairy NRC committee at the National Academy of Sciences in Washington, DC

Drs. Kebreab and Ahmadi visit Vietnam to lead training on TAURUS

Abbas Ahmadi & Ermias Kebreab Completed training of TAURUS Vietnam in Hue, Vietnam.  Taurus is a package of computer programs for formulating and analyzing rations for beef cattle. The Windows version, comes on a CD with full installation instructions. TAURUS comes with an extensive feed library, and allows formulation and evaluation of rations for various classes of beef cattle, as well as creating user selected summarization printouts, including truck loading and unloading schedules.